Kidventure Curriculum

Early Years Learning Framework:

Our curriculum at Kidventure is grounded on the principles of the National Early Years Learning Framework, and the “Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework” In line with the National Quality Standard , our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to ignite curiosity, foster growth, and spark joy in every child., our approach embraces play-based learning, hands-on exploration, and meaningful interactions. With a focus on nurturing each child's unique strengths and interests, we provide a supportive environment where learning is engaging, dynamic, and tailored to individual needs. At

Kidventure Early Learning is committed to laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning and success." There are two national approved learning frameworks in operation under the NQF. These are:

EYLF : National approved learning framework under the NQF for young children from birth to 5 years of age.

My Time, Our Place - OSHC: National approved learning framework under the NQF for school age children.

Both learning frameworks outline principles, practices and learning outcomes that guide our educational leaders and educators in our curriculum, and assist us in planning, delivering and evaluating quality programs in our centre.