Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Centres Hours

We're open Monday to Friday from 6.00am to 6.00pm, all year round except on public holidays. Even on public holidays, regular fees apply if it's your child's usual day.

How Do I Enroll

Go to the ENROL page (Click HERE). Click on the enrol button on the website, which will take you to the Online Enrolment Form in our Parent Portal. Complete and submit the enrolment from online.  You will need to have all the parents details, and childs details including CRN Number

You must supply the centre with your own and your child’s customer reference numbers (CRN) before commencing at the centre.

Once I Enroll What do I need to Do

Once we accept the Enrolment, You will need to accept the CCS Enrolment on the centre-link App, and then once accepted, you will need to send us a screen shot of the CCS entitlement and the Hours allowed per fortnight, as we can only see this about 24 hours after you accepted the enrolment on the centrlink app.

We will then use this information, to give you an estimate of the GAP Payment needed from you weekly.

You will also be asked to come into the centre, to fill in the forms for you child, relating to any illness or medical concerns or treatment plans that the centre needs to be aware off, and to have a general discussion, of your requirements .

You will also need to complete a debit payment arrangement.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Entitlements

Click on the CCS Entitlement Calculator on our website, to workout what it will be.

Note that CCS, also withholds 5% of a family's CCS. This basically means if your CCS entitlement is 90% , we as the Approved Provider, will only receive 85% of the Amount.

The remaining 5% will then be paid to you at the the end of each financial year, when the individual (and their partner) settles their tax affairs (usually by submitting their tax return) the total entitlements and payments for each child will be reconciled against the individual’s (and any partner’s) actual income and activity for the year. If a parent received more than they were entitled to, the withholding amount will be used to offset the overpayment, so they do not have a debt (or have a smaller debt) to repay. Where parents received the correct amount of Child Care Subsidy, or received less subsidy than they were entitled to, amounts withheld during the year will be paid directly to them as a lump sum. This process of reviewing and recalculating entitlements for the full year is called Reconciliation.

Your First Day of Enrolment

We encourage you to spend some-time on the first day, to help the child adjust into the new setting.

In terms of CCS and the booking, you must ensure that the child is signed in on the first day, failing which CCS will not pay, and you will be responsible for the days fee.

What does my child need to bring?

When you bring your child to Kidventure, we ask that you kindly adhere to the following:

  • Make sure that all your child's belongings are packed in a bag, and every item is clearly labeled, dress them in play-friendly clothes (this could get messy with paint) , and don't forget their hat and change of clothes.
  • For infants, bring along bottles, and baby formula, and any comfort items like dummies.
  • Please ensure that children have long sleeve clothing for protection from the sun for outdoor play.
  • Medication – All Medication needs to be clearly labelled, fully sealed, and you will need to fill in a medication authorization form, and then handed to the centre Director .

List of Items you child needs to bring each day

Please clearly label all belongings.

  1. Backpack
  2. Water bottle
  3. Bucket Style Hat
  4. Shoes
  5. Spare Set of Clothes
  6. Spare Set of Undies( if going to toilet or toilet training)
  7. Additional Spare Set of clothes, including jumper, if cold
  8. Baby Formula & Bottles
  9. Nappy Cream ( please sign medication authorization form)
  10. Bedding for Rest Time, and Soft Toy if needed

If you child is Toilet Training:

  • If you child is toilet training, please dress them in clothes that are easy to take off, to go to the toilet.
  • Pack additional Shorts & Underwear

Being Safe Outside

Our oudoor policy is that shoes needs to be worn when playing outside on the outdoor climbing equipment.

What NOT to bring

We request, that you do not send any sweets, food ( other than religious ) , or anything that has any trace of nuts whatsoever, to the centre.
We also encourage that children should not be sent with any toys, and we also request that they also should not leave with any of the centre toys.

We also ask that you ensure that you collect all your childs belongings daily from the centre, as the centre will not be held responsible for any personal misplaced items.

Arrival & Departure Procedure:

Children need to be signed in upon arrival and signed out when they leave by a parent/guardian or an authorized person. If someone different is picking up, let us know well in advance by signing an authorization form .

We ask that all guardians are captured into the system. You will be required to digitally sign in your child via the I-pads located in the Reception Area.

Late Collection of Children:

Any child that is collected after 6pm, will incur an extra charge of $2.00 per minute. Should you encounter and delays, we ask that you notify the centre ASAP.

Birthday Celebrations

Parents are encouraged to discuss this with the center manager prior. Certain items needs to be taken into account prior, kids that have allergies.

Illness & Immunizations:

Details on illness and immunizations are available in our Parent Handbook and Policy & Procedures manual which is available on our website. CCS does not pay for children that are not immunized.

Before School & After School Care, Vacation Care

Before School & After School Care

We offer before and after school care, which means that you drop the child with us, and we drop the child off at either the Blue School or Green School. (Limited spots available) , and we will also provide a pick-up from the school and bring the child back to the centre.

Breakfast , we provide a light breakfast (cereal) and fruit and drink to all kids from 6am to 8am.
Afternoon tea, Fruit, and drink, will be provided to all kids.

Vacation Holiday Care :

We offer Vacation Care for all School kids , priority is given to children that use the before and after school care service. School holiday programs are organized before the holidays, and consists of many fun activities. (Limited spots are available)


We organize excursions with strict staff-to-child ratios and equipped buses. Parents and volunteers are welcome to join.

Do you have a Courtesy Bus

We offer collection and drop off service to those families that are in need and not in a position to do so. (Limited Spots apply)

Fees & Payments

Fees & Payments

It is our policy that all families pay their fees two weeks in advance, upon enrollment. Fees are payable via Direct Debit or Eftpos at the centre (Surcharge will apply) . The parent must then continue to pay the weekly fee in advance, in order to maintain a credit balance equivalent to two weeks of fees.

Fees are also payable when your child is absent from the centre due to sickness, annual leave, occasional absences and public holidays, as the childs bookings occupies a spot in our centre.

You are entitled to 42 absences per year, as per CCS regulations, and thereafter CCS does not pay for Absent days, and the parent will be responsible for the full fee. Fees allows us to provide the facility, and pay our staff and is a very important component to us being able to provide the service. We ask that parents respect this, and as such pay this GAP in fees timeously.

Should it be apparent of their being a neglect in payment of fees, we will have no option but to hand over to debt collection agencies.

CCS Online Calculator

Fee Assistance

Some families are entitled to fee relief from Centrelink. Please call them on 13 61 50 to lodge your application over the phone. They are open from 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday. We cannot assist you with this, and you will need to do it directly with Centrelink.

Special Child Care Benefit

The centre can provide up to 13 weeks’ care for your child/children if you have an unexpected financial hardship. This is paid for by the government. Special conditions apply , please visit this link to find out more >


If you are planning holidays, a holiday application form is available from the office. This form must be filled out two weeks prior to the holiday absence to receive a discount on your fees for two weeks a financial year.  To receive this discount, fees must be two weeks in advance. All children‘s booked days, including public holidays, must be paid to retain your booking.

Cancellation of Days or Enrollment

To cancel care or reduce days parents/guardians must provide the centre with a two week written notice period. Two weeks‘ notice is strictly required if you wish to cancel a booking. Failure to do so will require parents to pay the two weeks full fees for both cancellation of care or cancelling a booking.  No Change of Days will be permitted if you if you cancelling care for your child.  We strongly encourage parents to discuss this with the centre, to try to find a resolution, the centre will always endeavor to assist you.

All accounts must be finalised by this time, as any outstanding accounts will be forwarded to debt collection agencies.